Wandering the wilderness
Long those dusty roads
There’s always a place where I can lay my head
Somehow seems like home
You’re always there for me
When I come home
I’m coming home

High above the rooftops eyes can see
Flying high above the clouds, love to be

When we’re going all the way
Could it be we just fade away?
Head on to midnight and know Yashua
Hey, it’s all so simple

High above the rooftops eysyt can see
Flying high upon my wings where aI’ll be.

© Copyright 2018, Jeff Winters

Slow Down

Lying half awake
In the gentle morning sun
Tempted to sleep in
And let the rat-race run
This hectic world is rushing me
I never catch my breath
One day, I hope to get some rest

Picking up the pieces
Slipping one by one
Chasing tired rainbows
Never catching up
This vicious world is crushing me
Kicking from inside
One day, maybe
I’ll get time

You gotta slow down
To feel
Love and tenderness
And zeal
You gotta slow down
And give
Slow down
To really live

Now the song’s been sung
I hum a different tune
Running in a rat race
Ends far too soon
Hurried world pushing me
Still I find my way
As long as I’m with you
I’m OK

© Copyright 2018, Jeff Winters

Work In Progress Proceeds

The latest update on my Les Paul is the completion of the pickup replacement. I opted for a pair of Tim Shaw humbuckers from my 1980 Les Paul Standard and they sound fantastic.

There wasn’t anything necessarily wrong with the old pickups, I just wanted shielded cable, to minimize the buzz.

It’s funny how things come around. When I got my first Les Paul, I had to replace the pickups; it’s what we did. These days I much prefer the sweet tone of vintage output pickups. These have that in spades.

To date, I’ve replaced the pots, jack, switch, nut and now, the pickups. I had to re-connect the bridge ground, since the factory messed that up, and shielded the cavities for good measure. It’s as quiet as a Les Paul can be. It’s sad, really, that Gibson allows a $2000 guitar out the door with such shortcomings.

The only thing left on my To Do list is replacing the bridge. Eventually, I’d like to get a Faber or Callaham unit, but I don’t think it will make a whole lot of difference, sonically. Certainly not worth the expense. For now, I’ll just wait ’til this one gives out. Maybe when the saddles are done.

Down the road, I’m gonna have to replace the frets, too, they’re starting to wear down already, and I’ve probably only done a dozen shows, or so, with it.

To be continued…


A Telecaster from GOD

The good Lord always works things out right from the start, only to be undone by our own lack of faith.

Years ago, my wife gave me a nice Telecaster guitar for Fathers Day. She purchased it, in surprise to me, sight unseen from an unknown vendor on the web. A recipe for disaster, right?

If you’re a musician you know instruments are a personal thing. Not only do we like different things, no two instruments are exactly alike. Variations in wood and other stuff make each one a little different from the next.

Players talk about guitars that “speak to them”. Some do and some don’t. One guy’s grail is another guy’s dreck. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. You just gotta play ’em to know which ones are right for you.

Anyway, I was GASing for a Telecaster but, since the Tele “thing” isn’t really my thing, I wasn’t willing to buy a pro-level instrument. I was only gonna fool around with it at home so it didn’t make sense to drop big coin on one. Later, in the forums, guys were raving about a cheap Chinese import proving to be fantastic value for money. Of course I was intrigued.

At the time, it happened that no one had this model in stock, including the big-box catalog stores. It was only a cheap, off-brand, it shouldn’t have been like that, but it was.

Sufficiently challenged, my lovely wife embarked on an internet adventure to get one of these guitars. In the end, she found a vendor in Podunk and took a shot.

You would think the experience might have been a nightmare but everything, from the vendor, to my surprise and especially to the guitar itself were simply outstanding.

Big thumbs-up to the little woman!

Still, since it was more a gimmick to me, I played it a bit and put it away, hardly giving it another thought.

Move up to today. I’ve recently discovered a passion for Telecaster-style guitar playing and have been looking and trying out lots of Telecasters, even travelling to check them out. I knew I had the one my wife bought, but it was a cheap one. My vanity was working in the background believing a cheap one was beneath me. I had to have a good one, don’t you know.

So, after trying out a dozen, some expensive, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that my cheap, off-brand Tele, a gift from my wife, exceeded all of my wildest expectations and is, by far, the best playing, best sounding Telecaster guitar I could ever want. At least, so far.

All these years it’s been closeted away, enjoying none of my attentions. ‘Til now. Truly, a gift from God. His perfection is awesome.

He knew I wanted one and, though I didn’t recognize the gift, gave me the best. He works in mysterious ways. Thank you, Lord. I hope to play it in remembrance of you for all the rest of my days.

Can I Get A Witness?

My own story is as unremarkable as any, except that I was saved at 11 or 12.

It was a time of coming-of-age; of putting aside childish things and becoming my own man. The Gospel was a revelation of a truth I had never heard and I instantly bonded with it and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.

And then I put Him on a shelf while the temptations of youth had their way with me. Patiently He waited…watching; nudging a little here and there. He made my path an easy one and, even though I ignored Him, He was always there.

One of the benefits of accepting Him is that, even though you don’t reciprocate, he still loves you.

We all follow a path outlined for us, be it right or wrong; His will is always done. Which makes it all the more gracious of him to have chosen me for this bountiful life, wretch that i am. Only now, after all these years, do I long to know the whole truth, stark as it is.

I guess everybody has to come to the Lord in their own way. I’m thankful He called me.

Blue Wave A-Coming

Blue WaveI just wanted to get this out there before the actual events unfold, just to be on the record with a prognosis.

I realize it’s possible to fudge a date-stamp, but I think the timing of my (accurate) prediction can still be ascertained, should the need arise.

Not that anyone will ever see it. This blog is just for me.

So here goes…

I don’t believe there is any Blue Wave coming. There; I said it.

On the contrary, a giant Red Tsunami will wash away the evil specter of hate and collectivism for a long time to come.

And make no mistake, while Democrats have deployed their well-worn tactic of projection — that is, accusing others of that in which you engage — it’s obvious to even the casually disinterested that it is the Democrat Party pushing the outrageous level of hate and division, not the other way around.

The way i see it, folks just don’t like to be told what to do or how to think and, even with decades of public education indoctrination, they still get it.

And get it — good and hard — is what would result from any Democrat Party control of the levers of power. Even in the toxic politics of today, we proles hear that loud and clear.

What that means, in the near-term at least, is a complete collapse of  the Democrat Party. Their views repudiated, their policies destroyed their corruption exposed, and their leaders embarrassed out of public life forever.

What will rise in it’s place is anybody’s guess. Given the level of human corruption, and the tenacity of power-mad globalists, you can bet the replacement will be as bad as the replaced. For sure, their deceit will still be shrouded from public view, because, though they have been relieved of official command and control, their stranglehold on unofficial power remains all but absolute.

Of course, I have hope. I’ve read the book. In the end, ‘they’ don’t win.

Has Global Warming Met It’s Maker?

Global warming is a real thing.
Global warming is happening now.
We are the cause.
The scientific evidence is clear.

These statements of opinion represent the state of wisdom in the Global Warming community, a loose-knit hodge-podge of quasi-scientific, quasi-public organizations on the make for taxpayer funds; politicians bent on coercing globalism and ignorami of every stripe.

There is no Facebook fantasy too outlandish for some, it would seem.

All these tenets have been debunked by professional scientists at great peril to their lives and livelihood, all seeming to no avail; the freight train of illogic rolls ever onward.

But things are beginning to crack. As was reported last week, Mark Styen’s libel suit is coming to a head. His opponent, Michael Mann, author of the infamous “hockey stick graph”, has refused to publish his data (a loose term, at best) in defence of his libel suit, exposing himself to significant financial penalty and even criminal referrals in some venues.

Why would he do that? The only explanation is that his data do not show what he purports, or is otherwise so flawed as to be irrelevant; a state not becoming the world’s greatest climate scientist, as the Washington Post dubs him, nor of benefit to globalist interest groups.

The propaganda, unfortunately, is getting more common, more bold and more nonsensical.

And it’s having it’s intended effect. The other day a gentleman assured me he could feel the temperature was hotter than just a few years ago, and he swore the tides were higher than ever. Seriously. He argued with me.

Please, Lord; help me find the strength…

Another Body Bag in the Clinton Saga

Former Haitian government official, Klaus Eberwein was expected to expose the extent of Clinton Foundation corruption next week.

I don’t know if there is an official list, or not, but this one at Reddit, chronicling the infamous Clinton body count is as good as any. It needs to be updated again, though, because another suspicious death surrounding Clinton Crime Family activities has surfaced.

This time the victim is Klaus Eberwein, a (former) Haitian official critical of the Clinton’s and their business dealings, characterizing them as criminals, thieves and liars. He was scheduled to testify before the (American) Haitian Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and was expected to drop the hammer on Clinton family corruption regarding the Haitian hurricane relief program.

It seems his testimony was deemed too sensitive to allow it to come to light.

As chronicled by Peter Schweizer in his book, Clinton Cash, the Clinton’s have been accused of mis-appropriating tens of millions of dollars in donations raised to assist Haiti in the aftermath of a devastating 2010 hurricane.

Read the article at SHTFPlan

How Much Is A Trillion Dollars?

Our beneficent rulers enjoy lavishing us little people with wonderful gifts to make our poor, pathetic lives a little more bearable. All this thoughtfulness, though, comes with a price tag even the mighty US government can’t afford. Luckily, our considerate and magnanimous overlords have found a giant credit card to cover the expense!

It should come as no surprise, then, the federal credit card bill now stands at more than $20 trillion. (With a “T”).

That’s a lot of money. So much money, in fact, most folks have difficulty realizing the enormity of it all.

Perhaps an example is in order.

Lets say you put a million dollars in the bank everyday and started on the day Jesus was born.

A million dollars a day!

From then until now, you would still need to make daily, million-dollar deposits for another 750 years just to reach the first trillion!

You’ve still got another $19 trillion to go.

All told, that’s more than 54,000 years, depositing $1 million in the bank, every single day!

It’s sad we spend it faster than that and will never catch up.