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Clinton Victory Is Imminent

The left is whining about a report this week that Hillary Clinton has somehow lost a double-digit lead against Donald Trump in only a month.

Why is this a surprise? Trump has been dumped on for so long by so many it’s amazing he’s still in the race. Now that he’s all but secured the nomination and the party coalesces around him, his numbers are improving. Pretty simple, really.

On the other hand, Hillary’s unfavorables are not due to attack ads against her, but rather, 40 years of criminal behavior, obfuscation, and worse. To many, Hillary has literally gotten away with murder.

But make no mistake: there is no way she can survive scrutiny of any kind, let alone the no-holds-barred Trump kind.

And let’s don’t mention the FBI investigation.

As long as Trump continues to go over the heads of the press Hillary has no chance of winning, assuming he doesn’t shoot himself in the foot.

From out here in the street: expect Donald Trump’s lead to improve heading in to November, especially with women, Latinos, blacks and Muslims.

Are Trump’s Days Numbered?

1457747824_10047721+13trumpil031216Is the NWO Hit Squad busy setting up the violent removal of Donald Trump from the presidential race?

You don’t have to be a supporter to see what’s going on. Certainly there’s more than one well-funded group interested in his political demise, at least. And isn’t it curious that so many parties – normally at each others’ throats – would come together to defeat him?

What does it say when CNN and Fox News want the same thing? How can you downplay that connection? Maybe these groups are more alike than they are different.

Well-wishers  hoping he’s wearing a bullet-proof vest ignore the reality that these kinds of things are rarely perpetrated by crazed, lone-wolf, nut jobs, so often portrayed in the press. Worse, professionals aren’t fazed by vests.

These kinds of events need to be set up well in advance in order to establish a false narrative and put all the pieces in place for the big day. The plans almost always include actors in the inner circle (sometimes even those responsible for the protection of the target) and provide a solid getaway for the perpetrators, lest their allegiances be discovered.

Trump may be using his “regular” business friends to conduct the day-to-day operations of his campaign, but does that hold true for the entire staff? We can only hope.

Our prayers be with you, Mr. Trump.

Diamond & Silk

downloadIf you haven’t caught up with Diamond & Silk by now, there is probably no hope for you.

Besides their obvious reverence for all things Donald J. Trump, these girls nail it!

From welfare to immigration to foreign policy, these champions of liberty are more than just a breath of fresh air and may yet prove to be just what the doctor ordered!

Mitt Romney? Really?

120918030252-romney-presser-story-topMitt says Trump’s foreign policy will make us less safe, and his economic policy will sink us into prolonged recession.

Does he really think the economy could be much worse than it is now, after a century of mis-control by his bankster buddies?

He says Trump’s ‘bombast’ is ‘fueling the enmity of our enemies’.

Never mind the countless tonnes of explosives rained down by his misguided foreign policy. Don’t bother with the casualties inflicted on millions. Pay no attention to the slaughter we’ve left behind. Forget the world is on fire.

No, Trump’s trash-talking is the cause of all the trouble!

This speech, and all it intones, is one of the best reasons right-thinking people should sweep good ol’ Mitt and the corrupt, Grand Old Party, into the dustbin of history.

Just saying…

Trump Sliming Kicks Into High Gear

Aboimagesut Donald Trump’s recent KKK Incident, some noted the whole thing  was just a smear, for the sole purpose of putting the words KKK into and Donald Trump into the same sentence.

A lot of us regular folks caught it, too. These tactics aren’t new. Anyone who has watched the GOP over the years knows these guys are as sleazy as they come; undoubtedly the kings of political sleaze; much more so than their Democrat buddies.

Well…except maybe Hillary.

But it’s not fair to blame Republicans. I mean, sure they’re crooked, but you know that going in. That doesn’t let the rank-and-file off the hook, though. The reason these guys get away with this stuff is because it works!

You’d think a person “qualified” to vote – ie. a full-grown adult – would understand you can’t believe everything someone on TV tells you.

You would think.

Of course, you’d be wrong. Tomorrow, expect the smears to get smeary-er.

We’ve got our work cut out for us, boys.

Is Donald Trump Liberty’s Last Great Hope?

hero_image_main_2The success of Donald Trump this campaign season should be encouraging to anyone concerned about liberty or the direction in which our country is headed.

Not because of his staunchly libertarian views, of course, but because of what he represents: the end of business as usual.

His many-billions in personal wealth insulates him from the influence of those responsible for bending our world to the shape it’s in today, while his can-do ideology makes a laughing stock of the entrenched elites interested only in covering their criminal ways with politics-as-usual.

He’s a little weak on articulating his views about foreign affairs, but why shouldn’t he be? He’s not a professional dispenser of warfare and mayhem! He hasn’t been “briefed” on all that America’s self-interested actors have wrought on the world! He only knows what he sees in the papers, and we all know what bullshit that is!

No, he’s been busy operating a private enterprise in a (relatively) free market, where rules is rules and men are men! And that’s a good thing! For all it’s worth, it seems Donald J. Trump plays by the rules, which is a damn sight better than all the others.

Only he has called for a little restraint in our incessant global war-mongering. He recognizes the error of our ways in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and questions current actions in Syria and elsewhere. Common sense.

So, while you may be concerned about Trump’s views (assuming you believe what those who hate him are retailing), you’ve gotta agree that underneath it all, he seems honest, and that’s something Americans haven’t seen in national politics for far too long.

Liberty-minded folks need to get behind this man; the only politician (since Ron Ron Paul) capable of making any real change, and he needs our help. He can’t possibly make things worse.