Berkeley, Washington and Armageddon

Last night, at UC Berkeley,, another Team Soros attack on western civilization burst into flames on live TV.. The protest was against free speech.

Unreported was the complicity of the police. According to eyewitnesses, police allowed the mayhem to continue uninterrupted, with “protesters” assaulting attendees, and destroying property. No one was arrested.

UC Berkeley enjoys some $370 million dollars in federal handouts every year (Don’t tell me that it’s “research” money. The federal charter doesn’t allow for that either.) Only 47% of graduates find work.

With results like that, it’s no wonder Trump was elected.

Why are taxpayers footing the bill for one of the most prestigious schools in the world. Can’t it stand on it’s own?

And don’t think Berkeley is an isolated case. Overall, federal giveaways to institutions of higher learning exceeds $65 billion a year, with many billions more in grants and loans. The unfunded liability stands in excess of more than $1 trillion!

With that kind of federal generosity, it’s no wonder the left academia gives the finger to hard-working Americans.

If these institutions had to survive on their own in the free market –as they had for hundreds of years — they would quickly conform to the demands of customers interested in real education rather than the safe-space, snowflake bullshit they’re peddling today.

Politicians are so generous with your great-grandchildren’s wealth — they’ve already squandered yours, your children’s and your grand-children’s — why do we not experience Heaven on Earth?

Does merely asking these questions make me a fascist?

Many are waking up, but if we can’t awaken others, we’ll see a lot more of the same.

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