Hacking the election and other lurid tales.

After Friday’s Intelligence report accusing Vladimir Putin and the Russian government of “hacking” the presidential election in favor of Donald Trump, the formerly-mainstream-news-media have been all  a-buzz with the prospect of ginning up World War III.

Sounds a bit like Deja Vu all over again.

After 9-11, intelligence “suggested” Saddam Hussein was amassing weapons of mass destruction and that, if we didn’t act immediately, it would only be a matter of time before a mushroom cloud ascended over Washington. (I know, some people think that would be a bad thing…go figure!)

We now know those excuses for invading Iraq were pure fiction, conjured by political interests still well hidden behind enemy lines.

Continuing the tradition, this latest intelligence report is short on detail and long on emotional appeals, perhaps outlining how politically compromised are the so-called intelligence services.

Specifically, what did the Russians do to influence our election? Our friends at CNN have prepared a list of the TOP 10 Most Damning Findings from the report.  Let’s check these claims out.

1. Goal was to undermine US faith in democratic process
“We assess Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential election. Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the US democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump.”
“We assess…” is doublespeak for “we guess”, and “Russia’s goals” is pure speculation. As to Putin’s preference for Donald Trump, well, I guess, like most “normal” people, his views are in line with most Americans’.

As to undermining US elections, even CNN has to admit that the 2016 federal elections were at a “20 year low“.  It’s hard to imagine a more effective method of undermining faith in US elections than the apathy in gargantuan proportions.

Item 1, debunked.
2. Effort was ordered by Putin
“We assess that influence campaigns are approved at the highest levels of the Russian government – particularly those that would be politically sensitive.”
This seems pretty obvious. If the Russian government had ANY kind of effort, it follows that Vlad had something to do with it. Knowing the mind of another is a form of guessing that goes without saying, yet this practice has been in CNN’s quiver for a very long time.
It should be noted that Putin has publicly denied any involvement whatsoever and Julian Assange, the guy who broadcast all of the emails to the public, has stated on more than one occasion that the source of the emails was not a “state actor”. (That means “country” for ignorant liberals and Californians). Before CNN guesses what is in Assange’s thoughts, it should be noted that none of Wikileaks’ assertions has been proven false.
Item 2, debunked.
3. Putin’s grudge
“Putin most likely wanted to discredit Secretary Clinton because he has publicly blamed her since 2011 for inciting mass protests against his regime in late 2011 and early 2012, and because he holds a grudge for comments he almost certainly saw as disparaging him.”
So, Vlad doesn’t like Hillary because she has meddled in the internal affairs of his country. Who could blame him? I have a grudge against Hillary for her incendiary rhetoric and failed policies that have resulted in the deaths of untold thousands of, not just Americans, but innocent civilians around the world!

I also don’t like her meddling in the internal affairs of Americans, especially me and, while she hasn’t been in charge (yet), the positions she holds and the legislative agenda she proposes is a massive interference in lots of things. Who is anyone to tell anyone else how to conduct their affairs and live their lives?

Item 3, debunked.
4. A ‘significant escalation’
“Russian efforts to influence the 2016 US presidential election represent the most recent expression of Moscow’s longstanding desire to undermine the US-led liberal democratic order, but these activities demonstrated a significant escalation in directness, level of activity, and scope of effort compared to previous operations.”
Forgetting, for the moment, that Russian soft-core totalitarianism is more benign than the type espoused by the Democratic Party, the “significant escalation” means exactly what? Are they amassing troops along our border? Are they setting up military bases surrounding a foreign adversary? Oh, that’s right…that’s what WE’RE doing!
Item 4, debunked.
5. Paid social media trolls
“Moscow’s influence campaign followed a Russian messaging strategy that blends covert intelligence operations — such as cyberactivity — with overt efforts by Russian government agencies, state-funded media, third-party intermediaries and paid social media users or ‘trolls.'”
This is too rich. If true (unlikely), it looks like Vlad took a page out of Bill and Hillary’s playbook. With all of the fake news emanating from CNN and the New York Times, the poor Republicans didn’t stand a chance, with or without Vlad’s help! Item 5, debunked.
6. #DemocracyRIP

“Before the election, Russian diplomats had publicly denounced the US electoral process and were prepared to publicly call into question the validity of the results. ProKremlin bloggers had prepared a Twitter campaign, #DemocracyRIP, on election night in anticipation of Secretary Clinton’s victory, judging from their social media activity.”

More fantasy from the political speculators at the Office of National Intelligence. Then again, calling the results into question is exactly what the Democratic Party was — and continues to be — engaged in. Influencing public opinion in the free market of ideas is NOT counterproductive! It’s what America is all about, even if the source is Russia! The threat to America is when this public advocacy is bought and paid for by taxpayers, with a small, politically motivated minority (the Democratic Party establishment) abusing the process!

Item 6, debunked.

7. Russian media involvement

“Russian media hailed President-elect Trump’s victory as a vindication of Putin’s advocacy of global populist movements – the theme of Putin’s annual conference for Western academics in October 2016 — and the latest example of Western liberalism’s collapse.”

So Vlad is against globalism and supports the right of the people to voice their opinions and demand justice and equality before the law. How AWFUL!

Item 7, debunked.

8. Beyond the US

“Moscow will apply lessons learned from its Putin-ordered campaign aimed at the US presidential election to future influence efforts worldwide, including against US allies and their election processes.”

We have amassed thousands of troops, artillery and weapons  of mass destruction — including offensive nuclear weapons — along Russia’s borders.

We have indiscriminately bombed, destroyed and toppled any country or regime the establishment deems a competitor.

It makes a difference to the entire world who wins the US presidential elections. a BIG difference. I don’t blame them. Especially when the lesser hawkish candidate won.

Item 8, debunked.

9. Other US targets

“We assess Russian intelligence services will continue to develop capabilities to provide Putin with options to use against the United States, judging from past practice and current efforts. Immediately after Election Day, we assess Russian intelligence began a spearphishing campaign targeting US government employees and individuals associated with US think tanks and NGOs in national security, defense, and foreign policy fields.”

Our intelligence services cost taxpayers billions of dollars a year. Protecting against foreign “hacking” and providing valuable information regarding activities counter to American interests is their primary function. Instead, we’re overthrowing goverments and waging wars for the benefit of powerful interests, including foreigners. Besides that, shouldn’t we demand a little more than guessing?

Still, even these “charges” amount to little more than the same thing we all experience everyday. If you’re so stupid as to  punch in your user name and password in response to a sketchy email, maybe you should be disqualified from public service. Of course, we all know if you’re that stupid, the only place you can get a job is with the government!

Item 9, debunked.

10. Putin and WikiLeaks

“In early September, Putin said publicly it was important the DNC data was exposed to Wikileaks, calling the search for the source of the leaks a distraction and denying Russian ‘state-level’ involvement.”

I said the same thing; maybe even earlier than September! Does that mean I’m at risk for bombardment by a deranged psychopath still hiding out in The House That Slaves Built?

It’s a damn good thing those emails came to light, or else another deranged psychopath would be in the on-deck circle right now!

In a nutshell, then, the “leaked” emails from the DNC are what the whole so-called intelligence report is sitting on. Once again, Julian Assange, the public’s connection to these emails, has publicly stated, on more than one occasion, that the Russians were NOT the source of his information. Indeed, he said it was not a “state actor” at all.

When you add Wikileaks’ unusual offer for information leading to the arrest of the murderer of Seth Rich, the plot gets very thick indeed.

Did the now-murdered Seth Rich leak the emails, only to be “taken out” by US intelligence assets? If so, we’ve got much bigger problems than “Russian influence” in our elections. Of course, thinking people have been warning us about this very thing for a very long time. Maybe it’s time we listened.

To be sure, there are no facts in this report, which certainly comports with well-reasoned common sense. The whole affair is just the latest salvo from the Deep State attempting to de-legitimize the Trump presidency, even before it’s underway. The next four years are sure to be interesting. We should pray they’ll be profitable to the millions of freedom-loving people here and around the world.

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