Fake News Central

A collection of the worst of the worst — if you’re an ignorant, cry-baby leftist uninterested in truth!

News Organizations

The Drudge Report – where else are you gonna list this? The gateway to all things political on the web.

Political Wire – A daily what’s what on the political scene.

The Guardian – UK version, of course. State-owned, but more honest than American papers.

RT – formerly Russia Today. A view, particularly of international affairs, that is rarely, if ever, seen in the American press.

Breitbart News – The Left’s worsst enemynif you listen to some.

Infowars – Alex Jones’ controversial site, gets more mainstream each day.

Blogs / Opinion

Lew Rockwell – the most widely-read libertarian website in the world.

AntiWar.com – devoted to the cause of non-interventionism; read by libertarians, pacifists, leftists, “greens,” and independents alike, as well as many on the Right who disagree with imperialism.

No More Fake News – Jon Rappaport

Paul Craig Roberts – Reagan’s Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury; an outspoken critic of US foreign and monetary policy.

Pro Libertate – Wiliam Norman Grigg chonicles the abuses of the police state with one of the most eloquent voices on the web.