Berkeley, Washington and Armageddon

Last night, at UC Berkeley,, another Team Soros attack on western civilization burst into flames on live TV.. The protest was against free speech.

Unreported was the complicity of the police. According to eyewitnesses, police allowed the mayhem to continue uninterrupted, with “protesters” assaulting attendees, and destroying property. No one was arrested.

UC Berkeley enjoys some $370 million dollars in federal handouts every year (Don’t tell me that it’s “research” money. The federal charter doesn’t allow for that either.) Only 47% of graduates find work.

With results like that, it’s no wonder Trump was elected. Continue reading Berkeley, Washington and Armageddon

Hacking the election and other lurid tales.

After Friday’s Intelligence report accusing Vladimir Putin and the Russian government of “hacking” the presidential election in favor of Donald Trump, the formerly-mainstream-news-media have been all  a-buzz with the prospect of ginning up World War III.

Sounds a bit like Deja Vu all over again.

After 9-11, intelligence “suggested” Saddam Hussein was amassing weapons of mass destruction Continue reading Hacking the election and other lurid tales.

Still Attacking Trump – From The Right!

Some on the right are condemning Trump as a Zionist puppet two months before he has even taken the oath of office!

It’s true, the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama tag team are the latest participants in a long line of NWO-approved American presidents, but that isn’t Trump.

His appointments, so far, have been ‘okay’, so the least we can do is let him take the oath and really mess up before we condemn him as a failure.

As an anarcho-capitalist, I generally agree with Trumpism. Some of his views may be a little naive, but I chalk that up to his lack of depth on the issues. He seems like an honest, upstanding citizen just trying to make the country better for his children and grandchildren, rather than create a fortune through questionable means.

Clearly, his primary source of news to this point, as with most Americans, has been the now thoroughly discredited corporate media, so I can excuse his relative naivete.

As he immerses himself in the issues, and learns the true nature of the political underworld, many are confident he will make the right decisions; the kind of decisions folks at InfoWars (and LRC) can embrace.

On the issue of Zionism, for example, even though he has gone to Israel and kissed the ring of Israeli king-makers,  Trump has publicly supported the two-state solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; a very un-Zionist-like solution most scholars believe is the only one that can work.

For sure, Donald J. Trump is not a member of the baby-raping, blood-swilling, murderous, thieving cabal that has infested world politics for more than 300 years. To me, that’s as good a start as we could have hoped for.

Putin-DNC Hacks A Pipedream

I’m having trouble getting the Russian-DNC-email hack story to pass the smell test.

I mean, if I were Putin, I’d want Hillary to be the next American president.  Trump may be more open to a normalizing relations, but he’s not controllable.

And, since Putin’s got all of Hillary’s emails (and not just the DNC-hacked emails), she can be easily controlled. It is, therefore, logical to assume Putin will get better deals with Hillary.

Why? Because, while the specific email contents are as yet unknown, you can bet they contain the smoking guns anti-Hillary forces have been waiting for: proof of corruption on a global scale, ruthless disdain for human life and obsessive megalomania. You know, the embarrassing stuff she can’t let the public know.

Hey, man! That’s a blackmailer’s bonanza!

So don’t buy into the Russian hacking story. Like most Democrat party policies, it’s BS.


Immigration Haves versus the Have-Not’s

It seems like the current immigration issue, as with so many others, can be boiled down to just one division: those who can afford private schools, armed bodyguards and full-time security to protect their person and property, and those who can’t.

If you’re among the 1% who have the security, you’re most likely in favor of unrestrained immigration. That it helps your bottom line is just icing on the cake.

On the other hand, if you’re one of the 99% who can’t even afford the bullets for the firearm the state won’t let have anyway, well, maybe you should brush up on your Arabic ’cause the plan’s already been approved to infest your town with peasants wholly disinterested in becoming American.

And isn’t it interesting that those wailing about walls not working (to keep illegals out) are always bleating from the safe side of their security fences?

I can see 12 April from here; Heaven help us.


Time To Drain The Swamp

As if we needed more reasons to close down the Disgusting Cesspool on the Potomac, we get news of President Obama’s housing plans once he leaves office.

How can he move into a  $5.2 million home in DC, when he’s only made $3.2 million (gross, minus taxes) as president?

Why does no one ever question this stuff? These guys are looting taxpayers to the tune of billions of dollars every year, and no one seems to care.

Then they have to rig the economy to cover their tracks and the rest of us get stuck with the bills.

Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be slaves!

Clinton Victory Is Imminent

The left is whining about a report this week that Hillary Clinton has somehow lost a double-digit lead against Donald Trump in only a month.

Why is this a surprise? Trump has been dumped on for so long by so many it’s amazing he’s still in the race. Now that he’s all but secured the nomination and the party coalesces around him, his numbers are improving. Pretty simple, really.

On the other hand, Hillary’s unfavorables are not due to attack ads against her, but rather, 40 years of criminal behavior, obfuscation, and worse. To many, Hillary has literally gotten away with murder.

But make no mistake: there is no way she can survive scrutiny of any kind, let alone the no-holds-barred Trump kind.

And let’s don’t mention the FBI investigation.

As long as Trump continues to go over the heads of the press Hillary has no chance of winning, assuming he doesn’t shoot himself in the foot.

From out here in the street: expect Donald Trump’s lead to improve heading in to November, especially with women, Latinos, blacks and Muslims.

Friends List

I was thinking it might be time to draw up a Nixon-like enemies list of all anti-Trumpers; everyone who goes out of their way to throw shade on President Trump and the classic American values the whole Trump movement represents.

The list would have to include Democrats, bureaucrats, the mainstream media, Hollywood, foreign governors, globalists…

Come to think of it, that seems a pretty tall order. It might be easier to just keep a list of Friends of Donald Trump; far less effort required.

Are Trump’s Days Numbered?

1457747824_10047721+13trumpil031216Is the NWO Hit Squad busy setting up the violent removal of Donald Trump from the presidential race?

You don’t have to be a supporter to see what’s going on. Certainly there’s more than one well-funded group interested in his political demise, at least. And isn’t it curious that so many parties – normally at each others’ throats – would come together to defeat him?

What does it say when CNN and Fox News want the same thing? How can you downplay that connection? Maybe these groups are more alike than they are different.

Well-wishers  hoping he’s wearing a bullet-proof vest ignore the reality that these kinds of things are rarely perpetrated by crazed, lone-wolf, nut jobs, so often portrayed in the press. Worse, professionals aren’t fazed by vests.

These kinds of events need to be set up well in advance in order to establish a false narrative and put all the pieces in place for the big day. The plans almost always include actors in the inner circle (sometimes even those responsible for the protection of the target) and provide a solid getaway for the perpetrators, lest their allegiances be discovered.

Trump may be using his “regular” business friends to conduct the day-to-day operations of his campaign, but does that hold true for the entire staff? We can only hope.

Our prayers be with you, Mr. Trump.