Another Body Bag in the Clinton Saga

Former Haitian government official, Klaus Eberwein was expected to expose the extent of Clinton Foundation corruption next week.

I don’t know if there is an official list, or not, but this one at Reddit, chronicling the infamous Clinton body count is as good as any. It needs to be updated again, though, because another suspicious death surrounding Clinton Crime Family activities has surfaced.

This time the victim is Klaus Eberwein, a (former) Haitian official critical of the Clinton’s and their business dealings, characterizing them as criminals, thieves and liars. He was scheduled to testify before the (American) Haitian Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and was expected to drop the hammer on Clinton family corruption regarding the Haitian hurricane relief program.

It seems his testimony was deemed too sensitive to allow it to come to light.

As chronicled by Peter Schweizer in his book, Clinton Cash, the Clinton’s have been accused of mis-appropriating tens of millions of dollars in donations raised to assist Haiti in the aftermath of a devastating 2010 hurricane.

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