Are Trump’s Days Numbered?

1457747824_10047721+13trumpil031216Is the NWO Hit Squad busy setting up the violent removal of Donald Trump from the presidential race?

You don’t have to be a supporter to see what’s going on. Certainly there’s more than one well-funded group interested in his political demise, at least. And isn’t it curious that so many parties – normally at each others’ throats – would come together to defeat him?

What does it say when CNN and Fox News want the same thing? How can you downplay that connection? Maybe these groups are more alike than they are different.

Well-wishers  hoping he’s wearing a bullet-proof vest ignore the reality that these kinds of things are rarely perpetrated by crazed, lone-wolf, nut jobs, so often portrayed in the press. Worse, professionals aren’t fazed by vests.

These kinds of events need to be set up well in advance in order to establish a false narrative and put all the pieces in place for the big day. The plans almost always include actors in the inner circle (sometimes even those responsible for the protection of the target) and provide a solid getaway for the perpetrators, lest their allegiances be discovered.

Trump may be using his “regular” business friends to conduct the day-to-day operations of his campaign, but does that hold true for the entire staff? We can only hope.

Our prayers be with you, Mr. Trump.

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