Mitt Romney? Really?

120918030252-romney-presser-story-topMitt says Trump’s foreign policy will make us less safe, and his economic policy will sink us into prolonged recession.

Does he really think the economy could be much worse than it is now, after a century of mis-control by his bankster buddies?

He says Trump’s ‘bombast’ is ‘fueling the enmity of our enemies’.

Never mind the countless tonnes of explosives rained down by his misguided foreign policy. Don’t bother with the casualties inflicted on millions. Pay no attention to the slaughter we’ve left behind. Forget the world is on fire.

No, Trump’s trash-talking is the cause of all the trouble!

This speech, and all it intones, is one of the best reasons right-thinking people should sweep good ol’ Mitt and the corrupt, Grand Old Party, into the dustbin of history.

Just saying…

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