How Much Is A Trillion Dollars?

Our beneficent rulers enjoy lavishing us little people with wonderful gifts to make our poor, pathetic lives a little more bearable. All this thoughtfulness, though, comes with a price tag even the mighty US government can’t afford. Luckily, our considerate and magnanimous overlords have found a giant credit card to cover the expense!

It should come as no surprise, then, the federal credit card bill now stands at more than $20 trillion. (With a “T”).

That’s a lot of money. So much money, in fact, most folks have difficulty realizing the enormity of it all.

Perhaps an example is in order.

Lets say you put a million dollars in the bank everyday and started on the day Jesus was born.

A million dollars a day!

From then until now, you would still need to make daily, million-dollar deposits for another 750 years just to reach the first trillion!

You’ve still got another $19 trillion to go.

All told, that’s more than 54,000 years, depositing $1 million in the bank, every single day!

It’s sad we spend it faster than that and will never catch up.

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